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Management Software for Tour And Activity Operators

As a tour operator, you constantly strive to enhance the travel experiences of your clients. However, managing resources, bookings and customer relationships can itself be a full-time job. Our software for tour and activity operators changes this. It saves time and provide the best customer experience. PaxFlow management software is an all-in-one operation and resource management system. PaxFlow makes managing tours and activity operation easy. By connecting your booking software to PaxFlow you can assigns resources to tours, communicate efficiently with customers, automate processes, increase self-service and get better overview with reports and dashboards.

Put Everything in One Place

All Your Systems In One

PaxFlow connects all the systems you may use for your daily operations in one place.

By connecting your booking system, shift scheduling system, customer communication system and more, we help to make those systems work with and talk to each other. 

With access to all the data you need, bookings overview and scheduled resources in one place, you can take your operations to the next level of efficiency.

Intelligent Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Before the tour departure, you might need to allocate vehicles, guides, and drivers to tours. Out-of-the-box, PaxFlow resource manager helps you takes care of all of this for you.

  • Intelligently manage your fleet by allowing PaxFlow to automatically assign vehicles and drivers to new bookings.

  • Use PaxFlow to assign coaches, boats or vehicles to tours.

Smart Shift Scheduling

Shift Scheduling

PaxFlow integrates fully with your shift scheduling system. This allows you to manage human resources just as efficiently as you do your fleet and most importantly, with your fleet.

Automatically allocate guides and support staff to specific tour products, activities, departures, office shifts & field shifts.


Better Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

With PaxFlow, customer relationship management has never been easier with our help desk integration.

  • Have all the information you need about your customer, inquiry or booking as and when an email arrives in a side bar. No more copy & pasting to find the booking in question when a customer wishes to amend, cancel or ask a question. 

  • Use mass-mailing to connect with individual customers, departure groups or tour groups simultaneously.

PaxFlow Docs

Now you can leave the paper behind. With Paxflow Docs you can store and manage all your documents and waivers in one place. 

  • Itineraries – Toursheets
  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
  • Contacts
  • Forms
  • Waivers – coming soon

Streamline Pickup & Drop Off

Because first and last impressions really do count.

Coordinating daily operations can be a lot of manual work. Our fleet manager helps you to  allocate resources in one simple to use interface.

Once your resources are allocated for the day and fleet set, it is possible to instantly share with your staff. With individual logins, drivers and guides can access their daily overview, passenger list on the go via phone or tablet. Our Fleet Manager helps to:

  • Manage the logistics of pickups faster compared to other software for tour operators.
  • Automatically sanitise/remove unnecessary guest information from pickup manifest.
  • Assign pickups for your daily departures.
  • Schedule when a vehicle, resource or part of the fleet is unavailable when in washing or maintenance.
  • Configure what resources are specific to certain departures, staff or days to ensure your daily operations are exactly how you want them to be.

Customer Self Service Portal

As a tour operator, you know that the best made travel plans have a habit of changing at the last minute. PaxFlow, therefore, includes an intuitive customer self service portal where customers can reschedule bookings if necessary.

  • Reduce cancellations by providing customers with an easy way to reschedule their booking.

  • Make it easy for guests to update individual and group bookings, and contact customer support when necessary.

Dashboards & Custom Reports

PaxFlow software for tour operators pulls tour booking information, staff scheduling, and fleet management information together in real-time. As a result, PaxFlow provides you with a clear overview of your upcoming trips and current booking availability.

  • Instantly access a 2-day operational overview of current fleet operations.

  • Benefit from 2-day and 7-day overviews of on-duty guide and shift information.

  • Monitor your current tour availability directly from your PaxFlow dashboard.

Integrate PaxFlow Software for Tour Operators with Bókun


PaxFlow connects multiple systems in to one so that you as a Tour Operator can focus more on what you love. We currently integrate with the following systems:

Reservations & Booking
  • Bókun
  • Rezdy (coming soon)
  • BookingKit (coming soon) 
Customer Communication
  • Helpscout
  • Aircall
Shift Scheduling
  • Sling 
  • PlanDay
Payment Gateways
  • Braintree
  • Stripe
Internal Communication 
  • Workplace From Facebook 
  • Slack 

“The customer is happy to have full control over their booking.
It takes a lot of workload from customer support when the customer can reschedule their own booking.
This come in especially handy on days with bad weather when we have to cancel tours.
Customers love it! Customer experience (regardless of reseller) is much better when they don’t have to contact several companies to find out who can reschedule their booking.”

BusTravel Iceland

“Paxflow was the main reason to pick up Bokun as booking system engine. We were looking for a resource management solution for 2 years. Paxflow covered most of our needs. After checking software such as Bookeo, Tourplan, Open destination, Redzy, Fareharbor, …. we found the right balance between costs and features. Paxflow “forces” you to use Sling for shift scheduling, another great tool we are using since December. Nowadays, we can say Paxflow centralized most of the needed daily works in one place.”


“PaxFlow has helped us reduce our administrative workload by approximately 50% just 8-weeks after getting the system up and running. Our operation also runs much smoother. “

Activity Adventures


Simple and transparent pricing that fits your business.

Small Operator

$99/ Month

  • 500 bookings

  • Customer Portal

  • Custom domain

  • Shift management

  • Fleet manager

  • PaxFlow Docs

Large Operator

$399/ Month

  • 2,000 bookings

  • Customer Portal

  • Custom domain

  • Shift management

  • Fleet manager

  • Paxflow Docs


Custom pricing

  • Unlimited bookings

  • Customer Portal

  • Shift management

  • Fleet manager

  • Paxflow Docs

  • Payment gateways

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