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As a tour operator, you constantly strive to enhance the travel experiences of your clients. However, managing resources, bookings and customer relationships can itself be a full-time job. Our software for tour and activity operators changes this. It saves time and provide the best customer experience. PaxFlow management software is an all-in-one operation and resource management system. PaxFlow makes managing tours and activity operation easy. By connecting your booking software to PaxFlow you can assigns resources to tours, communicate efficiently with customers, automate processes, increase self-service and get better overview with reports and dashboards.

Reservation & Booking
Connect your reservation system to see and manage your bookings in one place. PaxFlow helps you take care of your customers after the point of sale.
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Customer Support
PaxFlow pulls the booking information you need whenever you receive an email from a customer, making communication much more efficient. Mass mailing tools, templates & much more are available in this module.
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Internal Communication
Connect your internal communication channels to create seamless flows of information between operations, staff and departments.
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Shift Scheduling
By connecting to your shift scheduling, PaxFlow enables you to allocate, plan and manage your operation with the resources you have scheduled. PaxFlow connects this information together for you.
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With a few more integrations including phone systems, SMS sending, payment gateways, PaxFlow equips you with all the connectivity you need.
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Fleet Management

Save time on admin, spend it where it really matters 

Manage your fleet, create availability schedules and more. Assign your buses, boats, mini vans, or relevant fleet type to departures, pick up assistance, in maintenance or cleaning. 


Shift Scheduling 

Manage your human resources, with less human resources

Assign guides, drivers and support staff to specific tour products, activities, departures, office shifts and field shifts. Display the upcoming staff schedules on dashboards, reports and each user account. 


Customer Relationship Management 

Efficient customer communication from the moment of booking

Have all the relevant booking information you need a customer emails. No need to copy & paste reference numbers to find the booking details each time you are contacted. When a customer wishes to amend, cancel or ask a question, PaxFlow pulls booking information into a side bar automatically. 

Send out important information to a whole tour group or departure with the mass mailing tool in a few clicks. 


PaxFlow Docs

More information, less paper

Ditch the paper and instead create, store, import & manage all documents required for your daily operations in one place.

Publish company information, tour itineraries, travel guides, waivers, policies and procedures with the Docs module. 


Passenger Arrivals

Get your passengers from A to B effortlessly

Whether you pick up passengers, or offer meeting point options, PaxFlow is optimised for both.

For pick up or drop off,  you can assign passengers to vehicles and departures in seconds with the our assigning tool. Organise your passengers and get ready
for departure with the PaxFlow check in desk. Speed up the passenger check in
process on the go via mobile, tablet or desktop.


Customer Self Service Portal

Even the best travel plans have a habit of changing last minute

Enable your customers to amend their booking, or details independently. Free up your customer support team for more advanced questions, requests or queries. 

Cross sell products, extras and take outstanding payments via the customer self service portal.


Dashboards and Custom Reports

Create your view, monitor your metrics and increase your informed decision making 

With the dashboard designer you can present useful information such as, availabilities, shift overviews, maps & other resources. Create the dashboard you need and present your data. 

Create custom reports to track metrics important to your operation. Be more informed with our performance report which presents a graphical overview of your previous months operational data.  

Here's what some of our customers say

“The customer is happy to have full control over their booking.
It takes a lot of workload from customer support when the customer can reschedule their own booking.
This come in especially handy on days with bad weather when we have to cancel tours.
Customers love it! Customer experience (regardless of reseller) is much better when they don’t have to contact several companies to find out who can reschedule their booking.”

BusTravel Iceland

“Paxflow was the main reason to pick up Bokun as booking system engine. We were looking for a resource management solution for 2 years. Paxflow covered most of our needs. After checking software such as Bookeo, Tourplan, Open destination, Redzy, Fareharbor, …. we found the right balance between costs and features. Paxflow “forces” you to use Sling for shift scheduling, another great tool we are using since December. Nowadays, we can say Paxflow centralized most of the needed daily works in one place.”


“PaxFlow has helped us reduce our administrative workload by approximately 50% just 8-weeks after getting the system up and running. Our operation also runs much smoother. “

Activity Adventures

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