About Us

We are an enthusiastic team with extensive experience in travel and travel technology with a mission to help tour and activity suppliers grow by providing the right tools to optimise tour operation and automate daily tedious task and internal workflows.

We care about making state of the art and modern technology for tour and activity suppliers and we aim to disrupt the experience of tour operation management with a set of unique solutions and features never seen before.

If you are an ambitious tour operation manager or owner of a tour supplier company we would love to work with you!

Our Story

Our vision is to revolutionise how tour operators approach tour operation management by automating operational decisions with data-based workflows and customer self service.

How it started, 2019-2022

Our story started with two projects for leading tour operators in Iceland: Bus Travel Iceland and Reykjavik Excursions back in 2017. The two project teams united within Origo Travel Solutions and Product Labs Incubator in 2019 merging years of experience in both tech and travel sector. Covid halted both projects severely but by in early 2022 the team launched a MVP of PaxPortal the first new module of PaxFlow.

Sproti Dvelopement Grant, December 2022

In December 2022, PaxFlow received a Sproti grant from The Technology Development Fund in Iceland. The role of the fund is to support research and development activities, which aim towards innovation in Icelandic industry.

PaxFlow ehf founded, January 2023

In January 2023 PaxFlow was spun out of Origo into a founder led company that will focus on developing a new generation of PaxFlow operation management solutions and automation platform.

PaxFlow Leadership

Soffia Thordardottir

CEO & Product Manager, PaxFlow

Soffia is a seasoned leader in digital product management with over 12 years of experience in the travel tech space. She was the former director of Travel Solutions at TM Software & Origo and Product Portfolio Manager of Product Labs at Origo Iceland. Soffia has a background in Computer Science and Business Administration and is certified in Product Management from UC Berkley Haas School of Business. She is a skilled problem solver and a strategic leader, committed to creating innovative digital products that combine her passion for travel, tech, and gear. 

Andri Heiðar Kristinsson

Chairman of the Board

Andri Heiðar is a MBA Standford Graduate and a true entrepreneur and leader with previous experience at building consumer products at LinkedIn and scaling the SlideShare mobile app from the ground up and to millions of users.
Andri also previously founded Travelade a small tech startup aimed at making travel more personal. Andri is currently the CEO of Digital Iceland leading the digital transformation of the Icelandic government. 

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